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For up-to-date articles, information, opinions, evidence and some fun stuff too. Topics covered include birth choices, interventions, post dates, water birth, vaccinations, parenting, Breast feeding Breast milk sharing. I hope to offer alternative opinions, to those which prevail in Modern industrialised Childbirth.
In the event you have particular interests, and wish to get some information, please contact me and I will find it for you. Promise!


New Pre-Pregnancy & Fertility Assessment

• Fertility Assessment- check your fertility early: don’t wait until it is not happening. (My evidence based technique has a 60%-80% success rate in achieving pregnancy, in couples with known low fertility)
• How to identify the best time to conceive a baby
• How to improve your chances of conceiving your baby when you want too
• Using evidence based techniques to identify which hormonal, lifestyle or other factors may be inhibiting your fertility
• Improve your chances of selecting the sex of your baby
• Personalised and individualised advice about diet and supplements, to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy
• Detox for pregnancy, clear your system and establish a nourishing environment for your growing baby
• Evidence based method of reducing the risk of miscarriage
• Assistance with preparing yourself for the challenging demands of IVF treatments
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Medicare Eligiblity

I have recently received my Medicare Provider number.  This means that Women for whom I provide care are able to receive Medicare rebates for my services; they do not need to go to the doctor to arrange blood tests or ultrasounds etc, as I can now generate the required a paperwork. Oh so easy and straight forward for a woman wanting Midwifery care for her pregnancy.

The devil is in the detail.

Medicare only gives rebates on prenatal and postnatal care only, NOT labour and birth care.  So in order to receive this level of independent care, a Woman will need to obtain a referral from her GP/ Obstetrician.  But I am sure that this will not be too onerous.