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New Pre-Pregnancy & Fertility Assessment

• Fertility Assessment- check your fertility early: don’t wait until it is not happening. (My evidence based technique has a 60%-80% success rate in achieving pregnancy, in couples with known low fertility)
• How to identify the best time to conceive a baby
• How to improve your chances of conceiving your baby when you want too
• Using evidence based techniques to identify which hormonal, lifestyle or other factors may be inhibiting your fertility
• Improve your chances of selecting the sex of your baby
• Personalised and individualised advice about diet and supplements, to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy
• Detox for pregnancy, clear your system and establish a nourishing environment for your growing baby
• Evidence based method of reducing the risk of miscarriage
• Assistance with preparing yourself for the challenging demands of IVF treatments
Dr Erik Odeblad:
Dr JB Brown:
Dr J&L Billings:
See”Baby Plans on Face Book @ “ For articles, evidence and alternative opinion

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