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Mobile Midwife Fee Schedule
Schedule of fees:
•    Initial consultation** $200
•    3-9 Prenatal consultations @$180 each** $540
•    Confirmation of booking* (payable @ booking to confirm) $1800
•    Birth Preparation Meeting (36-38 wks)** $520
•    Attendance at the Birth (Payable @ 36 wks) $2500
•    2 or more Postnatal Consultations (@ $200 each)** $400

Due to recent changes to the Safety & Quality Guidelines for Privately Practicing Midwives, it is now mandatory to have a 2nd Midwife present at the Birth of your Baby. The extra costs concerned are invoiced by and payable to the Midwife concerned. (approx. $1000)

Payments Methods:

  • Direct Funds Transfer.
  • Credit Card (2.5% surcharge) by prior arrangement.
  • Cash A Payment Plan can be arranged by agreement.
  • *There is no refund on booking fees after 20 weeks.
  • There is no GST on Midwifery care.

**Medicare Rebates depend on your entitlements. For details see

Prenatal accounts to be finalised on day of appointment.
Please note that the Birth fee is payable regardless of how long Midwife spends with you; or in the event that your baby is born prior to our arrival, as can happen with some babies born in a rush.